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07/10/02     Added some more help buying guides, not done a lot of work to this site as I have been in Hospital for a few days.  I will be doing a up-load today so you can all view my new updated site.

13/06/02     Added some more help buying guides.

12/06/02     Added some more help buying guides, I will be doing this for a few days, and I think it is getting time to upload the new version of this site, as I am not uploading every time I update it.

06/09/02     This history is getting a bit long now, so I am think about cutting it down to a year list, and link it from this page, and I also thinking about changing the name of it to "How this site was written".  Add some more information about my computer collection, and how it is setup which-in my house.

05/09/02     Added some text into the images, just in case if somebody needed them, added bits about my computer history.

31/08/02     Added the virus checking pages, also changed the front page around a bit, I am going to take my computer to bits something when I get the time, so I can take some photos putting it all back together, so them I can update computer building, and added sound, graphics card etc pages.  Also get very board this dinner time at work, so if any pages look bad or silly put together I am sorry just board, I will take them out and update them when I get the time and notice them.  Also added some pages to my help files, and Tas Dial support pages.

30/08/02     Removed some old items, updated some pages, trying to work out how to do my training pages, and I am starting to update my help files.

27/08/02     Yes I am working today, but I don't mind as I am getting double time today as where I work classes the bank holiday in August as Monday & Tuesday.  It is bloody hot in here today.  Not really done that much today on the site just taken out some errors, I have also taken out some of the pictures, icons and images that I don't use, (I have also taken the decision to remove all of my baby photos from the site, cant be to careful nowadays).  Which is a shame as I would like to show pictures of my baby off, coming up to 1 year old now.

26/08/02     Yes I am working bank holiday, fixed the boxes that my site is displayed in, now there should re-size within your browser (hopefully), added a test page to check out some scripts, payment box, and I may even add a donation link; what do you think ? 

24/08/02     Added news and lottery feeds from ace internet to my site, taken out yet more errors, I should of done this site without frames in the first place it would of been a lot easy to do, added a lot more information to the site, my site is almost usable, any one reading this it would be nice to see what you think about it, and give me some help to designing it, and pointing out any spelling errors that I have added to my site.  Also started to test payments by nochex, going well if I say so myself.

23/08/02     Added some more content to site, taken out lots of error already :) started to update all parts of the site.

22/08/02     Now converted to no frames, probably added lots of errors, please help me now by telling me about them.

11/08/02     Added a Money Converter, getting ready for on-line orders!!!, still may take a while.  I will also add payment by nochex sometime soon, I am also 'still' thinking about doing this site again, without using any frames wait and see what happens.  Changed a few more pages around, and still not got around to added any more information on my Tas Dial support pages, will start making this and my buying help files a higher priory.

06/08/02     I am still updating this site, (I am doing this during my dinner hour), so it will take a few weeks yet.  As it is taking me ages to do this.  As I keep changing my mind to how I want it !!!!

02/08/02     I am still doing this update, so please wait, I am planning to do it in three stages.

18/06/02     Update full site, taken out some main index options, added some new one, and changed the layout a bit, this will be also (possible that is) the last time I use frames; this is a one stop gap before I re-done this full site without frames.

16/01/02     Well today, I have updated most pages with new information, added two new menu items, Tas-Dial and Buying Guide.  Hopefully somebody will use them.