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I am a Notary for the Thawte Web of Trust service, and I am able to grant 35 points. if you need to contact me about this or you need to arrange a meeting to get your documents verified please email tasone (at) gmail (dot) com, please note I charge 5.00 for this service.

Sometime the Smap fliters at Gmail may remove your email, if you are having issues, please email me at forward at tasone dot org dot uk

I am sorry that I need to do my email address like this, but it is to stop all the spam messages from web robots but (at) = @ and (dot) = .


Thawte Personal Certificate

So why join the Thawte Personal Certificate System?, Well, I could have a go and try to explain the advantages better than Thawte themselves, but it will take a lot of thinking and head scratching. So I will just detail the main points.

Secure your e-mail with S/MIME encryption through the use of free certificates - most of the other certificate publishers will charge a fair amount for this.

Able to `Sign` your emails to assured that your email has not being tampered with and that there are coming from how you say you are.

Positively identify yourself in the digital world, especially in authentication with Web servers.

Join the Web of Trust, enabling you to use your full name in your certificates, and prove that your identity has been assured by more than one other individual, based on photographic national identity documents.

Taking this further, you can become a Web of Trust Notary, allowing you to perform identity assertions, building an online community of individuals whose identities are guaranteed.


Notarization Requirements

In order to have your identity assured by me, you will need to meet me with all of the following.

A government-issued form of identification bearing the number you used when you registered with Thawte Personal Certificates System (The "National Identification Code (NIC)" ). this could be your passport number, your driving license number, your national insurance number.

A government-issued form of identification baring your photograph (i.e a new-style driver's license or a passport).

Photocopies of all identity documents shown.

Fee of 5.00.

Essentially, Notarization involves confirmation that you are who you say you are, and that your registration details for the Thawte Personal Certificates System, are verified. Note that you do not have to limit your identity documents to the above - the more documents the better, but the must include them.


Where do I Notaries

I will be Notaries in Peterlee/Hartlepool, or possible in other places by request, (as I sometime travel to Sunderland, Saltburn, etc)


Notarization History

At this moment in time I am asking every person I Notaries for 5.00 plus any travel costs I have.

I have not yet decided what I will be doing with the money that I get, I may put it into my son's bank account or I may just give it to a Charity (namely NSPCC or WWF), or I might just spend it on myself but in all cases I will display what I do with it below in my history list.


Date Name Location Fee Details Of Fee
??/07/02 S. Downing Middlesbrough FREE No Fee Charged