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This is a full list of all web site that I personally had business with and I have placed my views here.  If anyone would like to know why I have said what I said, please just email me and I will answer any of your questions.

The Best web site that I would buy items from without thinking about it, some of the best sites are here.

(to get here the web site has got to be best in there field) One of the best computer sites that I have used.

 (UK CD at very cheap prices)



The web site that I would buy item from

(to get here web sites have got be good)

Dabs (Return service is not that good if things go wrong, but fast for delivery,  and a very good stock)




The web site that I would need to think about before buying items from

(to get here web site are ok, but I would of buying somewhere else) (not good if things go wrong, will sort whatever out put could take some time and in my case 5 months)



The web site that I would not buy anything from I would avoid them like the plague

(to get here the web site is not very good, I would not even view the site!)  (This company says one thing, and does another), I have been waiting weeks for a reply to my questions about my refund. (this company steals money from you, and tell you a lot of rubbish to why, like I have paid you your refund and I don't see your card details, and this is after there send you a switch receipt with them on. if this is the only advise you take avoid this web site (and other groups of web sites) like the plague.  I did get goods to the value of my refund, but it took months to do, and I need to get trading standards involved, and all take I could get was good to the value of the order. (This company should be missed at all cost) (Like above this site and company should be missed at all cost, use very nasty ways to get you to join there club, and very nasty to you when you try and sort things out with them)