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09/12/06     Removed the bad sponsors links, updated some of the pages, and bit a tidy up of the site.

22/10/06     I have only updated the sponsors of this site, I have been very busy, I am now a Exchange Admin, so I am liking this job all right.

I am also do a quick one over of all the pages.

14/05/06     Still getting a lot of hits to the site, I wish the search engines would update them selves, I also wish the people trying to nick the icons from my site would understand that there have been deleted and stop trying to download them!!!!

I have updated some of the pages, and tidy up others.

18/04/06     I am getting sick of all the spam email I am getting, I am getting over 300-400 emails a day now that are spam.  I have now setup a new spam bot on my main catch all account and anyone how emails this must be on the white list to do so, any one who is not on the white will be asked to reply back to the system email to get them on the white list.

I am still getting a lot of requests for images from the old forum, so there is a lot of people nicking the images from my site, I am thinking of putting a image back but be a 2mb download and not be a valid image.

15/04/06     I have updated a few of the pages, taken out a lot of errors, the site is getting a lot of requests for the on-line forum, most for taking the images :(

The exchange server keeps crashing at the mo, I am thinking of totally re-installing it.

10/04/06      I have got my exchange server to work now, all using the domain, also this is setup for the newsgroup access as well

03/04/06     Well not many updates today, just a bit of a tidy, no one will notice this update as I will not be updating it to the web server yet.  I am in the middle of getting a exchange server setup, as I am doing some Microsoft Exams and I want a Exchange server to test stuff on.

Anyhow please feel free to use the News Server.

28/03/06     Well I have removed the Help Forum from my site, getting sick of all the spam in it. but I have setup a News Server for all new requests for help.  Still in the early testing pages, so you will want to keep a eye on the Announce groups as all updates will be posted there (like refresh the newsgroup list, as I will be updating them when I get other stuff sorted out, I have also removed all the computer building pages as just about no one looked at them (plus I have just finished doing the photos for the server build), but I am tidying this site up a lot, so be gone with the old unused pages. I am also thinking about removing all the TasDial stuff from this site, so no one wants to use dial up now with BB as cheap as it is.

I have tidied up all pages, and took out the old links etc, which mean in real money I have added a lot more errors to the site :)

07/02/06     Today I am feeling very unwell, I can't stop being sick all the time, so I am staying upstairs next to the bathroom, just in case, I am doing a basic tidy up of the web site, keeping myself busy

05/02/06     Updated all of the Sponsors page to take to old links out, I have also redone the forum pages as the whole lot was getting spammed all the time by gay sites.

Also on about the forum, i have notices that a lot of people where linking to my icons from within the forum, and there where not even going to the forum in the first place!!

If anyone links to my forum icons with asking me first with get there IP address band from the forum and site.

I am feeling unwell at the mo, so only a little update to the site. more will come later.