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24/08/04     I have changed my PC repair pages, to keep Nominet happy about this web site, as any web site with any information with charges details on them, and the site will be classed as a business.

20/08/04     Looks like I have getting moved from Manpower to a EDS contract :), looking forward to that.  Still waiting to move house.  I have removed all of the sub domains as I am never going to use them.

I have tidy up most pages, taken out old stuff, and updated a few pages.  I have added some more pages to keep the search engines happy, as most keep to find all the old pages, and will not update them selves.

09/08/04     I have re-added my computer building pages, sick of getting the pages is missing error emails (I have setup my web space to email me when anyone gets a error, and I am getting sick of all the 404 errors, because off of the search engines cant update themselves with the new pages names!!!!).

I have also updated all pages, with the new page link, and did a general update.

Being a very bad few weeks, My farther passed away, and he was buried in the whole plot, so he was dug up and moved to another plot, so yes it was a bad few weeks.

12/07/04     I have updated the images folder a bit, sorted them out, going to do the same of the pages, just thinking of the best way of doping this.  I have uploaded a few my Certificates up the webmaster page, and yes it is a free 14 days for brainbench!!, I have now sorted out the layout for my internal pages, which most people will not see (sorry), but if you would like a copy (not 100%, as I will need to take of the personal contact details), just ask and I will email you a zip copy of the internal site.

My harddrive on my server is playing up, looks like I have lost all of my data, which is all of my ghost backups, and all of my MP3 collection, (ONLY THE CD THAT I OWN), I was going to buy a bit of kit, that would link my server to my HiFi so I could play all of my CD's from the server on my HiFi, without trying to find all of my CD's.

04/07/04     I have updated my links pages, and added a few new pages to sort out the links, now I have two extra ones, Generals and Games, Still in the moving house stage, just waiting for all of the paperwork etc to go through, then I can move house, redo all of my computer, a nice clean reinstall and then I will do a ghost image and store them on server.

Planning to do a internal web site for my family with a company address book (who to use, and who not to use etc).  Some on-line games, and a beta testing area.

27/06/04     Updated a few pages, updated the funny downloads with some more links, changed some of the downloadable file to .ZIP by a few requests, as some don't like WinAce, but most people have a Zip un-packer.

06/06/04     I have updated the error in the Recommended link, just watch now, I bet the hits on that link goes through the roof.  I have also updated most pages, I have done a huge update to the forum (please join).

I am planning to move house, hopefully we have sold ours, and we have found a house that we like, and we are going through buying that, all is going well so far, fingers crossed.

23/05/04     Well I did this site using frames again, did not like it so I have changed back the to old site, which I have now updated, removed all the pages about building computers, if any one want any help please just email me, I have updated some of the pages, and added a new section, and removed one.  Still not updated the pages for the sub domain yet, still moving on it, I am hoping to move house shortly, still going though at this moment.

Following on, I have redesigned the menu system, updated all the pages, removed all the old one that most people do not read/view, added my Help Forum as a main link form the menu now, added a hidden admin page link (if anyone what to try and find).

11/05/04     Just a quick update, deleted some old sections, and removed some old files, will be doing a better update some time, this week.

22/02/04     This is the first `Real` update to the site this year, Just tidy up some of the pages, added a new sponsors, and yes I know I needed to sort that page out a lot, which has now been done, (well stage one of this sort out has been done)  I am thinking of rewriting this site with another program.  I now have a new forum, and various new sub domains.

And some new domain, point to various parts on my site.

So, their is a lot of updating to do to this site, (anyone want to help?), I have just got another job, working at EDS, IT computer support, and so far I am working 7am to 6pm, (yes, I can work overtime in this job, so I am when the overtime lasts, (possible until July)).

So, I am looking for help, anyone who would like to have a go, please email me.  I have also added some more images, updated some of the pages, added this one!, all new for 2004, I am also doing my family tree, (with little luck), I just don't have the time to do all the projects I want to do.