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25/07/03     Add so new sponsors, and I am going to update all of my sponsors pages, within the next few weeks, also, I am thinking of buying Namo Web Editor for my web site building.

13/07/03     Well my ftp is down so I cant upload a error free site (hopefully), I am going to  email name hog with some updated pages and hopefully there will upload for me, when their sorting out my ftp problem.

30/06/03     Ok, I have changed the new folder system back to the old one, as some of the search pages have the old url's in them, so I am getting a lot of 404 errors emails, hopefully this will be sorted now.

27/06/03     Well the last few days I have re-done my site without using frames.  I don't know why I just wanted to, if anyone is getting errors, please tell me about them, so i can fix the links, as some of you use NTL as your ISP, i think there data in their web cache is not updating right.  I should of now fixed the error is my P3P pages, so hopefully that is working ok.

25/05/03     I think I have now fixed some more of the 404 errors in my P3P pages, all should work now.  I have also updated my pages so you cannot directly link to them, you must open them all from the main page, that is why I was getting all the 404 errors, as people where jumping in to old links, now all the old links should open the main index page.

23/05/03     I think I have now fixed some of the 404 error in my P3P pages.

13/05/03     I have updated all the pages to make you load the main index page first, so you get to see all the frames, as I have notice that some people are going to pages direct and not using the main index to set up all the frames, this should fix that, with a bit of luck.

09/05/03     Taken out a few email address errors, all the ones to the tasdial doname will not work, as Ace Internet will not set-up a mail box for me.  Also, update the to point to a better page, not brings up all the frames in the right places.

01/05/03     I have set up a mailing list for site news, and support on any of my programs, or general help with anything.  Anyone who want to join please just email me, and I will set it up for you, I will also include a link on my site so you can join yourself when it is completely set up and running correctly.

30/4/03     Well I have move my hosting to another company Name Hog, as Ace Internet was not all that good, and the support was not existing!, so lets hope that Name Hog is better, which on the whole is not that hard to do, I am thinking about no doing the vISP as that is supplied by Ace Internet which quite a few times the email is down, are access is down, and it may look bad on me, so I am thinking about removing that service.  I am also, starting to do the Windows XP section, and yes I know it has taken ages, to start, I just don't know what to put in there, and ideas anyone ?.

26/04/05     My email may be going back for a few days, as I am changing my hosting company as Ace Internet is not good, I should of changed ages ago, but if anyone want to contact me please use my other email address which is will another company(1&1 it you wanted to know).

30/03/03     Added the computer building guides (yes I know about time!), Updated some of my other pages, I am trying to finish off all the bits in this web site, before I start added new pages or services, well that is the plan, but if anyone is reading this site you will know nothing goes to plan!!!

24/03/03     Just tided up the Sponsors page a bit.

20/03/03     Well I am trying to get the boxes in my web site to work right, their work ok from the main page, but when you use them from the second page their do not work.  Help!!!!!!!!!, Ok this site now works, by the time you read this, all of the other errors that was in this site, because of the change over to frames, should be gone.  Add National Anthems now, tidy up a lot of pages, I am now thinking about added some icons to the site, like in Services page, a special icon next to every link, I have added some bookmarks into some pages that are long now.  My next project is to make the computer building pages up, I have all the images now, in the right size and format, (140mb to a little over 3mb!).  Well that is it for now, hopefully there are no errors in the site, but if you do find some please let me know.

18/03/03     Well I have a done my web site using frames, I hope you like it.

18/03/03     Well I am going to go back to frames, I am going to re-design my web site, I am open to offers, anyone who what a go, let me know please email me for some details as to what I need.  But until somebody offers to make it for me, I will be doing it, so I hope everyone likes the new design.  But you all know me, I may even keep the no-frames web site, I am still thinking about it.  I think I will do a site with frames, and see what I think about it.

01/03/03     Added a new directory tree for my web site, made it look a bit better laid out, I was getting sick of all the html pages in the one directory, and somebody from the USA have being trying to view all the directories that I have made in my web site, if this person or anybody else would like any of my files then please just ask, and I will email them to you, or if anyone would like my whole site on CD, please just send 1 and a pre-paid addressed letter package to me, and I will send my whole site on CD to you.

25/02/03     Well I am staying with NTL now, there phoned me up and told me about the new deals that are coming in March and if I stay with them, I could have the deal now.  The deal is anyone on the 600k service will get all phone calls that begin with 01 or 02 after 6pm and all weekend for free*,  anyone on the 1mb service with get all phone calls that begin with 01 or 02 for free* at all times.

* = for the first 60 minutes, but you can hang=up before the 60 minutes is up and re-dial the number again, anyone using the phone after the 60 free with be charged for any time after the 60 minutes.

21/02/03     Well I have added a few updates, just a few quick ones, I am leaving NTL and going to BT in March, and also I am thinking of changing my NTL cable modem to a ADSL possible from Plus Net, so updates to this site over March/April/May may not come as fast as normal.

31/01/03     Added internet roaming to my TasDial dial up service, add internet roaming html pages about the service.  Took out some spelling errors, and possible added some new one.  I am thinking about converting this site back to frames.  I am still thinking about it.

27/01/03     Taken out a load of spelling error, updated my main page, and done a general update to most pages.

25/01/03     Added some pages under the Programming part of my web site, added details of a new basic program that I have found, XPB! Basic, very good program.  Undated some of my links, and email address, added my TasDial (Version 1) program to the downloads, and other areas that go on about my TasDial service.  Come on all you join it!!!

18/02/03     Added some more links, and updated some pages, take out some errors, and possible added more errors than I corrected !!,  TasDial is not setup yet, and I uploaded this website yesterday, oh well never mind, I still need to transfer my doname to Ace Internet and set it up as a vISP, so I can start offing my ISP services again as I have stop taken them from, I can keeping that doname clear as I have bigger plans for my web site, still in the thinking about it stage, so no I am sorry nobody will be talk about it yet.

15/01/03     Well this is the new year update, I have tidied up most pages, and updated a few of the others, I am only deleting my Help Forums pages, as nobody was using them.  I will be changing them to something else, I just don't know to what yet, still thinking about it.  Also I have changed my TasDial service a bit, now it is going to be hosted on my new doname for it,, which just points to the rights pages in my main site, but all new people joining my new service will get a email address and web site address with tasdial instead of tasone.  This is of cause if I can get the thing to work correctly.  Also I have added a few new pages, and have started to sort out my custom CDs, so far I am just doing backup CDs (NO COPY CDs WILL BE DONE), see the information in my custom CDs pages.  Well this update is taking some time, as I am still poorly and the doctors don't know what is wrong with me, and I have been given some strong pain killers to take, which is making me feel tired, but anyway I think I have covered all the things I have do today, I will be doing a bit more before I upload this update, waiting to get my doname setup and running before this get uploaded.